Gerry Rothwell Acupuncture

Gerry Rothwell – Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient and sophisticated system of healthcare that has evolved over 3000 years.

It is a complete medical system, which means that it has its own unique way of diagnosing health conditions, and has its own range of therapies to treat those conditions. This range includes:

TCM does not see the disease and disorder as an isolated condition. The disease is an outer manifestation of the imbalance within the person’s health. TCM’s excellence lies in the fact that it does not just treat the symptom or view the symptom independent of the person.

It is the whole balance of the persons health that is the key to treating a condition.


I first came to Gerry hoping he could help me with a recurring leg pain I was having. I knew very little about Acupuncture and didn’t realize how beneficial it is for all aspects of my health and well being. Gerry helped me to identify some other points that needed some attention and over the past year we have worked on far more than just my initial leg pain. Most recently I found that I was getting very stressed and was carrying a lot of tension in my shoulders which was becoming quite painful and was in turn adding to my stress levels! After just one session the pain reduced significantly and I immediately felt less stressed. Based on my experience I have recommended Acupuncture to a number of my friends and family and it is definitely something that I consider to be a key component to me maintaining my health and well being.

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